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Lecture 6

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Jean Adams

WEEK 6 MEETING FINANCIAL STAKEHOLDER EXPECTATIONS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 6.1 CSR KEY IDEAS AND IMPLICATIONS CSR shows that organizations are trying harder to become good citizens in the community. There are many ways a company can demonstrate their CSR (volunteering, business practices, promotion of causes, etc) 6.2 VICIOUS LOOPS A vicious loop is when one bad decisions leads to more and more bad decisions as a result of the first action. By recognizing the pattern, it is possible to reverse it and get into a virtuous loop. 6.3 WHAT IS CSR? Relationship between corporations and societies they are in Key concepts:  Advocacy advertising – positioning favourably in eyes of public  Business citizenship – actions seen constructive to society by stakeholders  Business ethics – ethics in decisions  Cause related marketing – benefit provided if product is purchased  Civic engagement – employees improve communities  Coalition – collaborating to achieve common goals  Community advocacy panels (CAPS) – citizens advise firms about areas of common interest  Consumerism – customers involved in decision making  Corporate governance – allocation of power  Corporate philanthropy – contributions benefit stakeholders and community  Corporate sustainability – surviving for a long time  Enlightened self interest – without giving up financial goals  Ethics – guide to what is right and wrong  Globalization – operating in another
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