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WEEK 8 8.1: EMPOWER PEOPLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Managers should encourage everyone to become part of the decision making process. Reason why many empowerment programs fail: Executive perspective – feels it allows middle managers to avoid their responsibilities in the sense they have empowered employees to do what’s needed Middle management perspective – feel, as they don’t have anything to do View from the “rank and file” – many employees at lower levels may not want extra responsibilities Academic viewpoint – empowerment is a paradox because to empower someone, you have to have power over him or her to begin with Organizations do not have to have empowered employees in order to be successful There are two main views on empowerment which are often confused: 1. Delegation and control within clearly defined boundaries – management makes the core of a plan and employees fill in the rest 2. Personal risk-taking, growth, and change – allow people to take initiative trusting they will grow, learn, and develop. People should be able to see your confidence in them to succeed, and employees should be willing to do this, not forced. Remove barriers and give space for people to grow and learn. Remember the importance of boundaries. Also, empowerment starts with you. 8.2: THE BASICS: LEADERSHIP IN ACTION To be the best possible leader, follow the following 6 steps: 1. Build on your natural leadership inclinations – align your strengths with the situations 2. Learn what will motivate followers – give people reasons and motivation to listen and follow you. Make sure you are able to guide the followers 3. Recognize and build on the contributions of others – don’t be intimidated by the skills of others, but rather embrace them in order to achieve a common goal 4. Excel on the Leadership Triangle: People, Vision, and Execution – you must possess skills in all these aspects but they don’t all have to be your strength. Keep that in mind as something you can improve and develop 5. Align you style with organizational needs and challenges – it is important to know the goals of the group and what is needed from you as a leader. Play to your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. 6. Remember the importance of focus – leaders are able to focus their time and attention to the most important and urgent matters. Part of leadership is not being bogged down in detail and cutting to the important parts. 8.3: THE IMPORTANCE OF LEADERSHIP Leaders are people who depend on the organization’s performance, and are expected to make decision in unexpected situations. They evaluate how well he organization and its components are working, and
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