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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

WEEK 9 UNDERSTANDING THE ISSUES & IMPORTANCE OF EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS 9.1 DIALOGUES AND COLLECTIVE LEARNING Dialogue lets us explore the views of others and communicate ideas. Meeting should not be win/lose debates because then people become very defensive and cannot learn from one another Dialogue acts as a bridge, where judgment is suspended to create an opportunity for insight It allows people to learn to learn from others through listening Dialogue is NOT: discussion based, negotiation based, opinion based, truth based, consensus based, agenda based, leader-led, or time driven 9.2 AN INTRODUCTION TO GLOBALIZATION Globalization – worldwide interconnections (blurred boundaries within and between organizations, nations, and global interests) 4 main characteristics of globalizations: Growing Worldwide Interconnections – distinct events stimulate global interconnections (however they are not always clear or steady) Rapid Discontinuous Change – process has occurred rapidly but not at a steady pace Increased Number and Diversity of Participants – small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) now participate in global business (increases diversity among participants) Growing Complexity – worldwide have different “simple” answers to the same questions. Opportunities to some are threats for others International business – focuses on relationships between nations Internationalization – often involves extension of existing economic activities into new nations (quantitative process) Internal management – requires skills such as self and cultural awareness, and appropriate interpersonal and communication skills Global management – interconnection and interdependencies among people and organizations. Altering existing practices to be integrated worldwide (qualitative difference) Global mindset – way of thinking that shapes acti
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