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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

WEEK 11 THE FUTURE: EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES 11.1 ANTICIPATE AND DEAL WITH CORPORATE EARTHQUAKES We live in a time where the unexpected can always happen and a key part of management is being aware of these earthquakes. Anticipation and preparation is key. Fracture lines are key warning signals that a big change is about to happen and they cannot be ignored. Examples of earthquakes: globalization, new technologies, and economic crisis Ways to detect a corporate earthquake: Be wary of what you may think are minor or short-term changes: they are not always random. Understand the significances of these changes Watch for fracture lines: try to link new things together to create opportunities (capitalize on new technologies). Look for these before they actually happen. ANTICIPATE! Keep your ear to the ground: know what’s going on around you, and be sensitive to interesting stories and news. Knowledge sharing is important as well. 11.2 USE PROBLEMS AS OPPORTUNITIES
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