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WEEK 12 INTEGRATION AND REVIEW 12.1 LEARNING TO LEARN If we can learn to learn, we can build on everything we already know.  "Single-loop" learning occurs when there is a focus on the detection and correction of error so that a system can maintain a steady state  "Double-loop" learning occurs when attention is also directed at the norms and standards shaping the steady state, so that the state itself can be challenged and changed when necessary (learning is part of a lifestyle) People can learn by:  Challenging assumptions  Understanding how current process can prevent success  Removing obstacles Triple-loop learning about the context of learning (how and why we have learned the way we have). This asks “why” Characteristics Illustrations "Single-Loop" Learning A feedback system that detects and corrects errors to sustain a desired state.  Behavioral modification through rewards and punishments  House thermostat that maintains the temperature of a room  Budgetary and other performance controls used to meet targets "Double-Loop" Learning A feedback system that "single-loops" and has the ability to change operating norms. The "double-looping" can be (a) fairly superficial making minor adjustments, or (b) challenge deep assumptions to create fundamental paradigm change.  An organization that challenges and changes its vision  An organization that detects and changes dysfunctional rules  Scientific methods where experiments are used to refine and develop new theory Learning to learn (Deutero learning or "Learning III") A feedback system that "single" and "double-loop" learns about the context in which learning occurs. This allows it to learn about learning, and to build learning into everything it does.  An individual or organization that masters the art of creating conte
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