MGMT 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Conflict Management, Specific Performance, Social Entrepreneurship

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20 Jul 2016
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All topics/Themes
Knowledge economy
Learning organixations
Office 2020
Organizations as brains
Technology as a catalyst for learning
Multiple views
Effective team leader
Team ground rules
Models of team development
Destructive side of technology
Rules of one situation to reinvent another
Quality and continuous innovation as a core value
New product development
Product life cycle
7 reasons projects fail
Defensive routines
Conflict management
Mental models
Small changes large effect
Marketing mix
Social media and marketing
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Linear thinking
Vicious loops
Social entrepreneurship
Managing employees
Empower people to make a difference
Leadership in action
Paradox of power
Two way listening
Nonverbal communication
Employees as a stakeholder
Cultivating trust
Ripple effect
Hooked on work
Strategic planning to develop new thinking
Be proactive
Trained incapacity and self-limitation
Dialogue and collective learning
Multiple forms of intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Valuing diversity
Corporate earthquakes
Problems as opportunities
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Stacey matrix
Managing paradox
Thinking win win
Picking your battles
Stretch benchmarks
Learning to learn
Single loop vs double loop learning
Bureaucratic models
Diagnosing specific performance problems
Ineffective performance controls
Giving feedback
Receiving feedback
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