Tutorial 3 Bernstein Article Study Questions

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29 Mar 2012
Study Questions for Bernstein, “Toyoda Automatic Looms and Toyota Automobiles”
1)What is the basic theme of Bernstein’s article?
- Remarkable success story of Toyota’s success story
- 2 industrial fields
2)What was the background of Sakichi Toyoda and what was the series of events that
allowed Toyoda to ultimately perfect his G-type automatic loom in 1927?
- No instant success, perseverance
- Mitsui
3)How did textile production power the first Japanese economic miracle in the 1920s and
- Innovation, combination of Indian and American cotton
- Large scale adoption of female workforce, cheaper
- Spinning and weaving at the same time
- in Britain, worker opposed for fears of loosing job
4)How did Kiichiro Toyoda develop automobile manufacturing capability within the
Toyoda textile business and how did actions of the Japanese government contribute to the
emergence of the Toyota Motor Company in 1937?
- Seed money from Sakichi 10 million from Platt brothers
5)How did the Second World War impact the development of the Toyota Motor Company?
- 1936 Automobile Industry Law
- Toyota forced to build trucks
- Toyota’s plant was spared, Nissan got destroyed; MGMT remains same while Nissan
toppled down
6)What specific challenges threatened the solvency of Toyota in the eight year period
following the end of the Second World War and how did external events such as the
Korean War and Japanese protectionist policies ensure the long-term stability of Toyota?
- Toyota creates subcontractors
7)How did Toyota emerge as the dominant domestic car maker in its competition with
Nissan and which specific vehicle models secured the success of Toyota?
- Corolla, signature event
- Oil crisis
8)What were the key components of the Toyota Production System and why did this
system allow Toyota to attain such high levels of prosperity?
- NO excess inventory
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