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Tutorial 4 Norrie Article Study Questions

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MGMT 1030
Michael Stevenson

Study Questions for Norries The Staples Thesis1What are staple products and what is the staples thesisStaple products are commodities that have a high natural resource content produced for export Canadian economic development is driven by several episodes of natural resource exploitation oCodFurTimberwheatExplain how developed Canada based on the staples2What are some of the difficulties associated with a countrys reliance on staple productsToo dependent on the world market for the staple products resulting lack of diversification and unstable economyFluctuation based on the business cycle and demand for staples3What are linkages and how are they important in the study of a staples economySpreading effects arising from staple productionDiversification Backward linkage inputs to the productionForward linkage activities when staples are processedLateral linkages nonstaple activities stimulated by staples productionFinal demand produce products by workers employed in staples production eg service con
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