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29 Mar 2012

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Study Questions for Craig Heron’s “The Second Industrial Revolution in
Canada, 1890-1930”
1)Before the Second Industrial Revolution commenced in the 1890s, what features
does Heron indicate marked the Canadian economy at the end of the First Industrial
Revolution? Was the Canadian economy fully developed or was it still struggling to
reach maturity?
Generally small size of factories (4 workers on average)
Canadian market was market for Canadian goods
Local ownership and control
National policy
Industrialization dispersed throughout maritime and central Canada
Little specialization of urban develop except textiles
Most industries were a few steps away from handicraft production
Manufacturing was small, a lot in resource extraction
NO, is relatively small-scale, decentralized, technologically simple, and divided
into two spheres: National policy of agriculture and manufacturing and resource
economy for export
2)What was the nature of the Second Industrial Revolution between 1890 and 1930 in
Development of prairies as wheat exporters
Large scale industries
Large corporations as the driving force of the industrial capitalist economy in
Canada (merger and megaprojects), e.g. CPR, diversified, steel, iron ore
Cement industry dominated by 1 company, 90%
“ Tightly knit” new national capitalist class new and more integrated national
economy consolidate production in larger centres often in central Canada,
maritime became losers
Corporate head offices in Toronto and Montreal
Downtown factories to suburban factories
New industries: steel, electrical parts, chemicals and producer goods
3)What was the impact of industrial change between 1890 and 1930 on Canadian
workers and employers?
Travel out to large new industrial suburbs to look for work
Bigger plant, one storey, authoritarian demeanor on the factory buildings, high
fences, company police
Incentives were given to work
Skilled workers reduced by machinery
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