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Tutorial 8 Borins Article Study Questions

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York University
MGMT 1030
Michael Stevenson

Study Questions for Sandford Borins World War II Crown Corporations Their Wartime Role and Peacetime PrivatizationAbstract This paper discusses the rationale for establishing the World War Two crown corporations and the subsequent decisions after the war about their retention or privatization The government was ideologically supportive of crown corporations and they were established in situations where public ownership was a more effective policy instrument than regulation The wartime crown corporations were active in providing national security and security of supply and acted as a yardstick competitor in various segments of the munitions industry The characteristic of crown corporations making them preferable to regulation was that they were more effective at monitoring the private sector and ensuring policy coordination between the public and private sectors Most of the crown corporations were terminated when the focus of public policy shifted to peacetime production However they were retained in areas which remained government priorities weapons production housing uranium refining or which CD Howe felt could be commerciaIly viable synthetic rubber The article concludes by contrasting the privatization of the aircraft industry with that of Research Enterprises which produced radar and optical equipment In the f
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