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Tutorial 9 Monod Article Study Questions

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MGMT 1030
Michael Stevenson

Study Questions for David Monods Bay Days The Managerial Revolution and the Hudsons Bay Company Department Stores1What general thesis is Monod arguing concerning the operation of the HBC department store chain in the period under discussionHBCs lack of success derived in large measure from its excessive attachment to new theories and innovationsCautionary taleoSimilar to pacific salmon canning2Describe the decentralized structure of HBCs operation initiated in 1911What economic crisis hit the company in 1920Fur trade to retail empireLondon board gives power to Canadian organization the directors are parttime ones with little knowledge in retailingHerbert Burbidge is messed up no priceadvantage from bulk buying because each department were left to fend for themselvesEstablished stores in random places like Kamloops believing these old clienteles would be consumersoNo marketThe crisis is the slack of consumer purchasing in the summer
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