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Tutorial 10 Klassen Article (II) Study Questions

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MGMT 1030
Michael Stevenson

Study Questions for Henry Klassens Cowdry Brothers Private Bankers in Southwestern Alberta 18861905Shows regional development and entrepreneurial activity in frontier communities1What was the family background of Nathaniel and John Cowdry and apart from the banking business in what other economic activities were they involvedTheir father was a physician and surgeon practised in Toronto from 1860s to 1880sNathaniel was born in 1849 in Devon England John 1857 in Toronto Both attended Upper Canada College Nate started his banking career in Royal Canadian Bank in 1866They spent 4 years farming on a homestead near ReginaThey served farmers and ranchers brought unique perspective to customerNate was also a grain merchant 18881896In Fort Macleod small community that relied on farming and ranching2What were the similarities and differences between the Cowdry Brothers bank and regular chartered banksSimilarities Lent money to opened despite accounts processed chequesDifferences Unincorporated smaller no note issuing privi
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