MGMT 1030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Calgary Stampede

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20 Jul 2016
Study Questions For Henry Klassen’s “Entrepreneurship in the Canadian West”
1)Why does the author feel that the entrepreneurial activities of A.E. Cross are
important for historians to study?
Family involvement
Business is not just a device to make money, but an estate for his children
Taking the focus away from central Canada (Toronto and Hamilton) To focus on
the west in business history and entrepreneurial study.
2)What was the family background of Cross and what were his early business
Father was a judge
Schooled in England graduated vet surgeon
Started ranching business, joint with his two brothers
3)What was the nature of the A7 ranching operation overseen by Cross? How was
it managed?
Cross was adaptable, moved his ranch to a better location when necessary
Got a loan from the bank of Montreal
Managing: family run, liked to be hands-on
Cross demonstrates the willingness and ability to sell his cattle where it was most
profitable and the most value (he went to Chicago because Liverpool
transportation was to expensive)
Reinvested it back into the business
He helped to establish corporations and associations in the industry so that it is
well represented (The Calgary Stampede)
4)How did Cross get involved in the brewing industry and what was the nature of
his involvement in this industry? What was the difference between Cross’ cattle
ranching activities and his brewing business?
He took a more scientific approach to brewing (brewery requires knowledge and
therefore planned for many months before he got into the industry) Getting
involved in the ranching industry was much easier to get into
He researched the location well, and on this land he made sure there was a good
supply of fresh water, available railway and low taxes
The bank of Montreal and his family helped him finance his brewery industry
He started of with one thick ale variety then branches out into other brewery in
response to consumer demand
Cross entered into exclusivity deals with hotels (financing there innovation) in
turn they sold his brewery products (getting as much profit because hotels this is
usually where it was bought and available)
Same set of values
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