MGMT 1030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Desjardins Canal, Occupational Segregation, Urban Design

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20 Jul 2016
Study Questions for Ken Cruikshank’s “Blighted Areas and Obnoxious Industries”
1)What is the primary thesis of this article concerning the relationship between industrial
growth, urban planning, the environmental impacts on the residents of Hamilton?
- urban planning did not take into consideration the working class residents who
sought for homes nearby their workplaces. Local residents were effected
- Theres never a real social/environmental…environmental inequality: upper
class faced less environmental impacts then working class
pollution in lake
2)How did Hamilton develop in the decades before World War I and what geographic
features dictated the development around Burlington Bay?
-Mountains ..Niagara escarpment is main feature
- The Bay was located at the western end of Lake Ontario so it was positioned
perfectly within ontarios transportation network
- It had access to buffalo, hence the US because the lake lied by the Niagara
- To the north was Toronto/ access to eastern Canada , and to the west, was
southern Ontario/ Detroit
- Much of the land around it wasn’t useable/ accessible due to improper land
- Leaders transformed the southern shore into a bustling port by cutting a canal
through the beach strip
3)What patterns of occupational segregation emerged in Hamilton before 1914?
- Wealthier residents lived on higher ground toward the DesJardins Canal/ on a
ridge …. On the ridge was mercantile/ political leaders on well drained land
- Administrative buildings/town centres developed nearby
- Working classes settled on low, flat and poorly drained lands east of the ridge/
near the shoreline of the bay
4)How did industry develop in Hamilton before World War I?
- steel industry
-became a main stop of the great western railway
-heavy industry is right at the shoreline
- brought two experts from New York to build a waterworks
-developed a sewage system
- low tax rate caused people to shift factories to shore of waterfront
- sewage was getting pumped straight into the harbor
- working class positive was they had lower costs for transportation etc
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