MGMT 1050 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Hans Lippershey, Pope Urban Vii, Rudolphine Tables

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20 Jul 2016
Chapter 6- Beyond the Human Eye
- Didn't actually invent the telescope or first person to direct it at the sky
- first created in 1608 by Hans Lipperhey (Dutch)
- soon Galileo made a much better one
- drooped 2 balls of different weights and hit the ground at the same time
- measured acceleration by letting balls roll down a wooden slope
- Aristotle said heavier bodies fall faster than lighter ones
- thought tides go up and down because the earth is rotating under a fixed bulge of water
- never met Kepler, but in contact
- Kepler encouraged him to come out publicly
- Giordano Bruno burnt because claimed his own religious ideas
- Used telescope to see that the moon is not perfect
- Built largest telescope of time
- milky way composed of many stars
- saw Jupiter had 4 moons and so earth could move too
- realized Venus appears as a gibbous, but in Ptolemy's system would never happen
- In Copernicus's system, possible as it swings on its orbit around the Sun
- Couldn't distinguish Saturn's rings
- Found sun spots
- Said bible not used to explain astronomy
- in 1616 told Copernicus's views can't be defended
- his book was banned and told his ideas were false/against holy scripture
- His friend became pope Urban VII
- wrote a book about a debate if the earth is stationary
- Brought to Rome in 1633 and told must abandon his sun centered theory
- house arrest
- New and better telescope design
- Galileo used 1 convex and concave lens
- Kepler used 2 convex lenses
- made things appear upside down
- Published the Rudolphine Tables in 1627 about the great tables of the planets motion he had
inherited from Tycho
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