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MKTG 4150 Lecture Notes - Subculture

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MKTG 4150
Arundhati Bhattacharyya

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Jessica Gahtan Lecture Notes MKTG 4150
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Lecture 3 September 25, 2014
The Basics so far
! Consumers consume meanings through the products that they chose (Class 1)
! For meanings to be perceived, stimuli have to be sensed first (cut through the
cutter; break thresholds) (class 2)
! Perception of meanings occur through according to what we link to stimuli to
(class 2)
! What we link stimuli to depends on our Culture, Past Experience, Mood,
Perceptual Defense, Perceptual Vigilance, etc. (class 2)
! Everyone has a script in their mind is anti- certain things
! Make sure what you’re selling and how you’re selling it doesn’t go against the
script in ppl’s head
! Schema
! Script don’t rely on smell or complex messages for something like soap
! If you’re a pioneer brand in a market you obvs have a lot of advantages
! When you’re watching something while you’re already happy or in a good mood
you tend to remember it more (UNLESS YOUR AD IS JUST ThE OPPOSITE OF
! was there anything that prevented your research obstructions to research
! Do not go by consensus bring in different ideas
! Should you read text first ? depends could limit you
Subculture and ethnic background can play a key role in consumer behaviour:
• Visit at least three supermarkets/grocery/food stores that compete in different formats, and find
out if and how they segment their market on the basis of the subculture or ethnic background of
their customers.
• How many subcultures are recognized by each supermarket? Talk to the store manager if
1. Wholefoods
2. Super Center
3. • List some of the foods/food categories that you have not purchased because of your own
subculture or ethnic background.
Spend at least an hour at each store
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