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Lecture 4

Consumer Behaviour – Lecture 4.pdf

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MKTG 4150
Arundhati Bhattacharyya

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Jessica Gahtan Lecture Notes MKTG 4150
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Lecture 4 Notes:
When would you research a low involvement product
- Extra-ordinary claim
- Risk factors - Changes in your life, own circumstances
- Strange i.e. high price
- Online purchases - convenience
- Controversy in history or present
- Doesn’t smell evoke emotions?
3-5 favourite among your possessions?
- Laptop (Between high school and university)
- Cell Phone
What are the products that you would love to own (or experience), but
don’t as yet?
- Was any of them:
1. Procured when there was some transition in your life? (from 1 age group to the
next, 1 level of education to the next) (Conclude/part of transition)
2. Not disposed of when there was some transition in your life (means it reinforces
your self-identity, gives roots)
Objects can help reinforce our identities, especially in unfamiliar situations
- objects are used to maintain self-concept
- the more you use object the more it becomes part of your extended self
Gives you insight into your ideal self?
- Tells you about what you would like to be
- Ship - Means freedom to some or __ _ to others
- Consumers’ feelings about themselves impact what and how they consume
- Try to reduce the gap between actual self and ideal self the gap can be how
you make $$
- Ideal self is often influenced by culture, society
- Self concept beleifs about self’s attributes + self’s evaluations of these
- Beliefs often distorted
- Jung individual’s development as a creative person + individual’s history +
racial history (creates archetypes )
- Nature nurturement =good nature is mother (not father)why is nature
feminine are these archtypes natural or taught
- Venus west = god of beauty, Venus “Hide the sheep” sign of danger when
venus comes have to hide the sheep
- Prodcuts are brought to satisfy value related goals
- Thus understanding values is important for CB researchers
- In youth markets especially it’s advisable to go beyond peoepl’s age or other
simple demographis occurences in the world can change what we value
- Segment by lifestyle who are/arne’t in life
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