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MKTG 4150
Arundhati Bhattacharyya

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Jessica Gahtan Term End Project MKTG 4150
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Term-end group project
1. A two-paged double-spaced outline of your proposed project, due at the beginning of
class on October 2nd,
2. The group’s paper (not to exceed 20 double-spaced pages, not including exhibits, graphs,
tables, etc) due at the beginning of class on November 20th, and
3. A 15-minute oral presentation to be made to the class during the last two sessions. The
presentation order will be determined by random lottery (November 27th and December
4th ) Outline Instructions
Your group will submit a two-page outline of your project proposal. Include brief discussions on
the problem/phenomenon, consumer behavior theories/concepts/principles you believe play a part
in the problem/phenomenon, and how you propose to study this problem/phenomenon. After
reviewing the outlines, I will schedule a time for each group to meet me.
Written Report Instructions:
Your final written report consists of four parts. Using sources such as Fortune, BusinessWeek, the
Wall Street Journal, etc., identify a current marketing issue related to a consumer product,
service, company, or market. The aim is to analyze the consumer behavior inherent in some real-
world situation and develop marketing recommendations based on that analysis.
A. Marketing problem(s)/ phenomenon
You should identify the key marketing problem(s)/phenomenon you will address in your project.
Identifying examples of the problem will help you focus your project. You may use examples
photographs, commercials, promotions, etc. You should identify the key consumer behavior
issues, concepts, and so on that we have discussed in class that are relevant to the marketing
problem you have identified. It is important to be quite specific in your problem definition (e.g.,
are the issues related to consumer attitudes, cognitive decision making, or perception and why?).
B. Consumer Behavior Analysis
The heart of your project is your creative analysis of the basic consumer behavior issues involved
in your marketing problem and how you research the issues. First, you will expound on and apply
concepts, models, and theories we have discussed during the semester (e.g. perception, decision-
making, attitude formation, social influences, etc…) to analyze and explain the
problem/phenomenon in terms of the basic consumer behavior issues involved in the marketing
problem/phenomenon. Look for support for your analysis in academic research papers, media
reports, marketing texts, etc.
C. Consumer Research
The third section will detail your research plan and findings. First, identify your research
questions that will be used to guide your research. Describe your research methods/plan and why
the research methods are appropriate. You will conduct AT LEAST TWO (2) consumer
interviews and use one other method of consumer research (e.g., observational research,
netnographic data, surveys) of consumers NOT in this class to collect consumer data from the
marketplace that will help you addresses your marketing problem/phenomenon in question and
allow you to make informed recommendations in part (D). Then, summarize your data findings in
terms of important findings according to your research questions. Include your data and complete
findings in the appendices.
D. Marketing Recommendations
Based on your analysis and research, provide marketing recommendations that you would make
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