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Lecture 2

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1711
Hilary Davis

week 2 Thursday, September 19, 2013 9:00 AM Topic: Classification  Classification is the ability to categorize properly Arguments 1. All bachelors are unmarried 2. Socrates is a bachelor 3. Socrates is unmarried  #3 is the conclusion, it is founded based on the belief of #1 and #2  The more a conclusion has a purchase on your life the more likely you will need arguments to back it up  Arguments are composed of propositions Propositions (1) - (3) - each one of these numbered steps are propositions  Propositions are all either true or false  Beliefs are always about propositions, which are always true or false Propositions are things that you can think about not things that you can see  Statements  Our verbal acts or physical acts of inscribing (1) - (3)  Events Sentences  physical or verbal inscriptions  Vehicles for asserting propositions on specific occasions Concepts/Ideas  Bachelor o Unmarried o Male  Abstract ideas  Mental file folders  Fixed across all cultures Words
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