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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1711

a question is not a claim fallacy is not a acceptable form of argumentation Fallacies of Ambiguity something is ambiguous when it means more than one thing fallacies of ambiguity take the advantage of the fact that language can be ambiguous arrangement of word grammar can cause ambiguity EquivocationBackground something that has two meanings What meaning of a word that has different meanings in different points throughout the argument Fallacy of AmphibolyHard one what when there is a grammatical mistake or unclarity that allows for more than one conclusion to be drawn Example 1 No food is better than ours our is the best food Or Not eating is better than eating our food2 Slow children playing should be SLOW Children Playing Fallacy of accent What when meaning of an argument changes depending on which word or phrase is emphasized Example 1 We should not speak ill of our friends Could mean its okay to thin
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