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Lecture 11

Lecture Eleven: Fallacies Part Five

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Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1730
Philip Mac Ewen

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Lecture Eleven Fallacies Part FiveNovember 30 2011Neutralizing FallaciesDefinition To identify a fallacy indicate what is wrong with the arguments reasoning and explain how the criteria for the fallacy apply to a particular argumentSteps on Neutralizing a FallacyIdentify the Conclusion or Main PointIf the fallacy occurs in the main argument and not the conclusion locate the main conclusion of the argument that is fallaciousIf the fallacy is in the context or the process of reasoning such as the straw man fallacy then identify that in this stepIdentify the Reason Being Given for That Main PointWhat is the support for that fallacious point in the argumentName the FallacyWhich of the twenty fallacies is itIdentify the Criteria for the FallacyHowwhen does that type of fallacy occurDefine the fallacy from the previous stepShow how the Criteria from Fallacy Fit the ArgumentDemonstrate explicitly how the criteria of the fallacy fit in with the argument that you identified to be fallaciousChallenge the FallacyShow whats wrong with the argumentIf the argument commits more than one fallacy explain which other fallacies are being committed and repeat steps 3 4 and 5 for those fallaciesThe most important part of critiquing a fallacy is identifying it and demonstrating what is wrong with the pattern of reasoning as a pattern of reasoning within that particular argumentLookAlikes
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