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Lecture 8

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1760
Hilary Davis

Passage Analysis 05/01/2012 12:22:00 PM Passage D Example 1. The Main Conclusion  Identify the main conclusion of the passage o Pornography must be eliminated. 2. Your Question of Concept  Formulate two conceptual questions with which the passage is concerned  The questions must use four different concepts in total (Example: porn, victim of porn, disease, and help) o Does pornography cause harm? o Is pornography a disease? o Is pornography infectious? o Does pornography harm an individuals moral fibres? o Does pornography create profit? o Does pornography affect character? o Can a victim of porn be helped? 3. Conceptual Analysis  Model – Child who has been introduced to pornography  A child can be helped because they have not yet been corrupted by over exposure to porn. Victim of Porn Help  Is usually narrow  Is usually beneficial to minded the individual  Usually unaware of the  Is generally geared issue at hand toward someone with a  are usually naïve about problem what they are watching  Can be in the form of  is usually corrupted emotional, spiritual, after experiencing it for physical, and mental the first time  Can be geared toward  Can become addicted more than one individual  Can be given in the form a favour  Contrary – Elderly individual  An elderly individual can not be helped because they have been exposed to porn to such a degree that they become dependent on it. Victim of Porn Help  Can watch porn so  Does not always have to much that it cannot be solve a problem stopped  Is subjective  Have easy access to  Does not always have pornography good intentions  Have difficulty stopping  Can lead to a bottomless because of this easy pit access  Is usually a act of  Can be traumatized kindness  Can be isolated  Borderline – Sexual Addict  A sexual addict can be helped because they have a disease in which they must watch porn and this disease can be cured through psychological examination/rehabilitation. However, they may relapse and not get better. Victim of Porn Help  Do not believe they  Can be given in a have a problem traumatizing manner  Can be helped through  Can be useless intense psychological  Can be misleading examinations  Can be directed to  Can be rehabilitated certain people or groups  Needs to be  quarantined so that porn is no longer accessible to them   Model Respondent – Counsellor 4. Cri
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