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Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

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MODR 1770B Note 12 - The essay is a reflection of the 9 steps o There has to be a correlation between the essay and the 9 steps  do not write the essay without having the 9 steps finished first. o The 9 steps are your private analysis. - The essay is 3 pages double-spaced o The introduction is half a page:  State the conceptual question  Clearly state your answer, provide one or two sentences rational to support  Give summary definitions of the two concepts (dictionary definition like, however this must be YOUR OWN WORDS. THIS IS YOUR OWN DEFINITION) o Body:  ¾ page: explain and support concept one in light of your thesis  Go to the rationale of step 8b  No concrete images or examples o Use specific meanings and conceptual analysis of the concepts to use your examples.  ¾ page: explain/analyze and support concept two in light of your thesis  ½ page: Address a possible objection to your thesis and defend your thesis against the objection  Be able to mentally anticipate three objectives. o Conclusion  Restate thesis statement in different words  Paraphrase your introduction  Recap the main points  Pull out the points that we’ve demonstrated the best of our ability: o Look at the ones that have the most solid reasoning.  End essay with a question (end your essay with the possibility of multiple interpretations of the conceptual question, it’s best to do so with a question?)  Say something along this line: o “Given the change in nature to the concepts applied as well as there meaning, it is therefore possible that there is no one answer to this question. The question in nature is interpretive. The question logically entails…” o END OFF WITH A QUESTION MARK “?”  This means that your answer is inconclusive and is open for more analysis o We’re not allowed to refer to our 9 steps:  We’re not allowed to refer to our model case, or our invented case  However, you can use the reasoning presented in your 9 steps and expand it o Paul Recoeur and Hans Gaddemer Brief on the 9 steps: - Model Case: o Are the cases concrete and contextual?  Make sure they have context with good reasoning.  It has to be specific: situated in a specific context  It also has to be detailed in order to justify the usage of how the concepts work within the case.  A sketchy case wouldn’t
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