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MODR 1770B Note 15

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR 1770B Note 15 Post-Winter Break - The test will be on March 20 open book where we apply the skills to a passage. st - Our assignment is due on Sunday, March 31 on Midnight. Article Analysis - We need step two in order to further evaluate step six - For Step 3, we need at least 3 (the more the better) questions o You need to properly formulate the conceptual questions - Step 4 must look like an argument o Identify where the premise is from - The Preliminary chart looks at synonyms and associations as to how the two main concepts were used o Some synonyms may occur in step 2 o The preliminary chart isn’t required during the presentation; instead he wants a 1-paragraph summary. - Step 6.1: This is about how the concepts were used within the article, o He wants to know where we get the concepts to evaluate from in step two? o Are the concepts clearly defined in step 6.1? o We’re supposed to evaluate 4 concepts from step 6.1  Go back to our Step 2 list, and choose 4 concepts from there – choose concepts that are better used. o E.g. Agency: it occurs in several paragraphs (¶2,7,8,10)  Give him two pieces of evidence where you quote those two pieces of evidence where the concept is used or has occurred  How does the author define the concept? o Agency can be self-awareness, or individuals with choices.  Label it as: Evidence 1, Evidence 2, etc.  After you identify the concept and the two evidences, you must analyze the specific context. o Give one piece of rationale why these two characteristics (evidence) are sufficient.  We must do this procedure for four concepts o If the author does not evaluate the concept well enough, we have to note their failure. o Keeping your own analysis in mind, examine the author’s use of these same concepts  Begin with an articulation of the author’s use of concepts, Note his/her definition, associations, and equivalences  Consider the following questions:  Are the author’s concepts clearly defined or are they vague? If they are vague, you should discuss how the concept can mean multiple things and how this is confusing o This is easy because you’re dealing with evidence. o Make sure you’re sourcing the article and taking specific evidence. o The difference between evidence and characteristic is the evidence is a sentence (group of), whereas characteristics are specific coverage o Are the concepts too narrow? Does their narrowness omit anything?  E.g. science: evidence, observation, hypothesis, deduction,  Sometimes an author will use a concept, but leave our key evidence to trick you  Germanic – method. Ghost in German means spirit (this means reasonable – what is reasonable at the moment  In German context, law is considered to be a science because as long as you’re reasoning you’re using a method. - Step 6.2: o We have to evaluate two concepts in 6.2;  Choose one that is too narrow, and one that is too wide.  Give him the evidence (sen
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