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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Rebecca Jubis

MODR 1770 6.0 G – Lecture 2: Bias & Conflict  Bias: Inclination or prejudice for or against something.  Recall, “systems of believe”.  Illegitimate bias can influence how we support our claims and our ability to listen to others views.  Features of illegitimate bias: - Inability to recognize ones own bias. - Inability to articulate other’s arguments - Typically occurs when dealing with matters of high importance.  Signs of Illegitimate bias include…. - Vested Interests: Something to gain – Not because of strong rationale. - Conflict of Interest: He or she has the ability to make a decision or an argument that unfairly provides with advantages. Someone who has a COI should declare it, as his/her ability to act impartially may be compromised. - Slanting by Omission: Arguer fails to give important info of his/her argument because it weakens the view or
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