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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Rebecca Jubis

MODR1770 6.0: My Conflict Style The two conflict styles that I personally deplete during most arguments and discussions would be that of an ostrich and a hummingbird. Being the social diverted introvert that I am, I tackle situations that I am passionate and openly comfortable to discuss, but avoid conflicts that would make me rather uncomfortable. When these times of discomfort occur during a conflict, I would try my very best to derail the conversation to a different direction in order to maintain a sense of contentment. On the other hand, when this method does not work, I would have a horrible tendency to lash out verbally, especially when dealing with a topic I want to avoid. These characteristics are a perfect fit as an ostrich, but as a woodpecker, I can be open to change, flexible and get straight down to business and tackle the issue as long as it is out of the way. Both conflict styles can be articulated depending on the situation as well as the person I am having a conflict or discussion with. Addition
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