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Lecture 6

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Kristine Klement

Lecture 6 (continue) Appeal to Tradition - arguing that a claim must be true just because it's part of a tradition Appeal to Ignorance - arguing that a lack of evidence proves something In one type of this fallacy, the problem arises by thinking that a claim must be true because it hasn't been shown to be false Sometimes is a sound inductive argument Burden of Proof - the weight of evidence of argument required by one side in a debate or disagreement. Usually rests on the side that makes positive claim - an assertion that something exists or is case, rather than that something does not exist or is not the case. Appeal to Emotion - the use of emotions as premises in an argument Consists of trying to persuade someone of a conclusion solely (or primarily) by arousing his or her feelings, rather than presenting relevant reasons. Red Herring - the deliberate raising of an irrelevant issue during an argument e.g. appeals to popularity, tradition, and emotion Straw Man - distorting, weakening, or oversimplifying someone's position so that
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