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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR 1770 Note #1: 9/5/12 Course Requirement: th - Fallacy Test 15% (Wednesday, October 24 ) - Question of concept analysis & Essay 25% (January 9 ) th - Passage Analysis Final Exam 20% (End of march) - Article Analysis & Essay 30% - Participation 10% - (1) Course = Argument and Argumentation (End of October) : What is an argument? - (2) Conceptual Analysis = (Start November): How to use words: in a clear manner. - (3) Article Analysis: just evaluate the argument. Course is not about content - Skills based course - Introduction to argument - Conceptual Analysis - Textual Analysis What is an argument? - An argument is made up of two or more statements - One claim = conclusion - The other claim is a premises (reason) /____\  Conclusion (roof) | |  Argument (pillars) A Claim has to be either true or false: it cannot be both. If it is both, then it is a contradiction. It’s either hot or not hot. Reason must fall into criteria, in order for it to be a good argument. 1. Your reason must be relevant 2. Your reason must be acceptable (It assumes that we are rationally mature) 3. Your reason must be sufficient Example of argument: P1: All men are mortal. P2: Socrates is a man. C: Therefore, Socrates is mortal. Fallacy: A flaw within the argument (mistake of reasoning): a fallacy is only within premises, not conclusions. Ad Hominem: attack on the person Begging the question: repeating the question without giving any new information Equivocation: When a key word has two or more meanings, and changes the structure of structure of the arg
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