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MODR 1770B Note 2

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR 1770B Note 2 - Opinion is not an argument, it becomes an argument when you back it up with reason, premise and evidence - Fallacy of the slippery slope: take a cause, and say that this cause is to result in other undesirable things to happen (gay marriage). - An argument is cogent if it fulfills three criteria: o Relevancy o Acceptability o Sufficiancy - Appeal to tradition: - Claim = Premise, Reason, Evidence - Descriptions are not arguments: it’s just explaining a state of affair. Commands aren’t arguments. Assertions aren’t arguments. Questions aren’t argument. - Arguments and Argumentation pg.39-40 cue words. (Print for test) - Mapping an Argument: o P1. Marijuana is a harmful substance o P2. Once we allow it, our kids will find ways to get their hands on it and we’ll corrupt an entire generation o C: We shouldn’t legalize marijuana - Extended argument: you have a chain or reasons going on: a causes b, b causes c, c causes d, etc. - Truth: has to be in accordance with facts. - Validity (argument) Value of deductive reasoning. (how we infer the correction from the premises). Invalidity: when we have a conclusion that doesn’t follow from
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