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MODR 1770B Note 4

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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR1770 Note 4 Cluster 1 - Hasty Generalization - False Cause - Slippery Slope Cluster 2 - Abusive ad hominem - Poisoning the well - Genetic fallacy Fallacy Test: - You can bring in: o With Good reason o Pg. 39-40 Xerox o Bring in the 6 steps (despite them being printed on the test) - Divided in 3 parts o Part 1: 5 claims: identify whether it is empirical, conceptual, normative or metaphysical (5 marks) o Part 2: 5 arguments (choose 3), the class of fallacy will be given: irrelevance, ambiguity, and presumption. (30 marks total: 3x10) o Part 3: 3 arguments (choose 2), class of fallacy will not be given. - Steps of Test: o Step 1: find the conclusion: test the conclusion; is it debatable? o Step 2: At least 2 premises. o Step 3: name the fallacy.  E.g.: abusive ad hominem. o Step 4: Give the definition/criterion for the fallacy. o Step 5: Go back to the premises, and state which one of the two the fallacies are located in. Paraphrase that premise. o Step 6: Challenge the argument.  This argument violates the relevancy criterion of a good argument. It states that one who states reasons for an argument, must relate that there are direct reasons of conclusion. This makes the fallacy of ad hominem because it attacks a person. He provided a specific emotion instead of giving a reason, which is more convincing based on logic. - Do not study for o Strawman: a diversio
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