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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR1770B Note 7 Fallacy of False/Weak Analogy: - When an arguer overlooks key evidence, distorting and evading the facts. - Observation is key; if the fallacy is a faulty analogy, and the analogy has to be physically observable. - In Step 6 of the test, you make a table outlining the similarities and dissimilarities between the two things. False Cause - You take two events, and you assume there is a necessary connection between the two. (Causal relationship between the two) - If event A happened before event B, event A is responsible. - Always only two events Slippery Slope - Takes a cause, “we should let faggots marry”, because of “x” we have a chain of events, one of the chain eventually gets broke, because of that all of these undesirable events happen - The broken chain is the most “lethal” of the causes. Gay marriage  Pedophilia - A number of events will follow. The six steps of the test 1. Isolate the conclusion 2. Identify the premises 3. Name the Fallacy 4. Define the criteria 5. Show which of the premises this fallacy occurred 6. Challenge the fallacy, explain how it happened, - and Explain what is wrong using the pattern of reasoning. - Explain how the fallacy violates any of the three criteria for good reasoning Fallacies of Presumption violate the sufficiency criterion of a good argument Fallacies of Ambiguity violate the acceptability criterion of a good argument Fallacy of Irrelevance violates the relevancy criterion of a good argument Straw man, red herring, amphiboly and irrelevant thesis are deleted. WEEK 3 LECTURE HAS THE DEFINITIONS FOR EACH OF THE CRITERION. Example 1. Marriage does not hold out much hope for very much excitement or enrichment 2. P1: If you only eat one kind of food it would become boring P2: If you only listen to one kind of music it will become boring P3: If you have only sleep with one person, that is also boring. 3. There is the Fallacy of False Analogy 4. The definition of False Analogy is reaching a conclusion by likening or comparing two significantly incomparable cases. 5. The fallacy is present within P1, P2 and P3. 6. This fallacy is a fallacy of presumption, which violates the sufficiency criterion of a good argument. This fallacy is committed by comparing two things, which have no observable similarities. Here is the Table of Similarities and dissimilarities. Similarities Dissimilarities - Food and Music are like sex in - Food involves the process of the sense that people have a eating certain taste for specific kind - Music involves the process of of music/food/sex listening - This is something that people - Sexual relations involves the get tired of quickly process of two people who like each other very much, having a physical connection. - Sexual relationships (in regards to marriage) are also done when two individuals have a spiritual and emotional connection, that isn’t present in one’s relationship with food or music. Example #2 1. We can’t allow terminal patients to die without doing everything to save them. 2. P1
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