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Modes Of Reasoning
MODR 1770
Jai Chetram

MODR 1770B Note 9 - They’re evaluating the virtue of the question, the context of the questions, the meaning they extract from the concept - There s no objective answers o They’re not objective, we’re not using a theory, and we’re simply trying to clarify the meaning by using the logic provided by cases. o There is no right or wrong answer, there is all about reason, and there are no fallacies that can neb in there. o There are complexities in life, and if so, then it’s not our fault - Conceptual Analysis is a tool to probe on concepts by looking at cases: o No dictionaries because they give you general meanings and not contextual meanings o We need to generate cases in order to get the meanings of the concepts, and how we use them within each case. - Reasoning will become more reflective and complex o At the first stage, the reasoning is poor because you don’t look at the social, metaphysical, and practical meanings of the concept. - Concepts do not have one meaning: they have multiple meanings and it depends where the concept contextually is used. Model Case 1) Say yes to the question 2) The case must be concrete (this is possible) 3) It must be contextual: the case must be situation within a particular context: time, space, etc. 4) Sufficiently detailed: enough detail to support and justify the usage of the concept. 5) The case must thoroughly reflect the concepts. - Social constructions: concepts do not have essential meanings o They generate socially how we use them. - Once we come up with a model case, we have to generate at least four criterions. These will tell him how the case works. - Afterwards, create a table (chart) and list the two concepts - This should reflect in positive connotations. The two concepts should be implied and similar: have shared meanings. Contrary Case 1) It says no to the question. Every opinion you have has a contradiction 2) The case must be concrete (this is possible) 3) It must be contextual: the
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