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Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 2640

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R September 22, 2011 Thursday,September 22, 2010:30 AM Symbols - Logic started with Aristotle,4th century BC - Most of what we know developed in the last 100-150years Chapter2 (skip introductory section) Section 1 - First term: Sentential Logic ○ Basic unit is sentence ○ Symbols developed as a way to combine sentences - A sentence is compound if it contains another sentence as a component ○ E.g., The husband of SarahPalin is tall.  This is a compound sentence - A sentence S is a component of a larger sentence if the result of replacing it by any other sentence is still something that makes sense ○ E.g., Nixon resigned after the incriminatory tapes were made public  Not compound - A sentence is simple or atomic if it is not a compound sentence ○ Examples:  Susan and Bob lovesalsa dancing. (compound subject)  John went to New Yorkand Boston. (compound predicate)  John and Mary aremarried. (simple) - We aregoing to
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