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Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 2640

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T November 8, 2011 Tuesday,November08, 2010:48 AM Chapter 4: Proofs - 2 important differencesbetween truth tables and proofs ○ 1) Truth tables are mechanical--proofsrequire thought ○ 2) Truth tables always get a definite answer-- proofsmay not yieldan answer - 3 things need to know: substitutioninstance, rules,and how to use rules - Variables--lower case p, q, r;can be replacedby anystatement - Constants--capital letters, expressesparticular statements - Argument form ○ p v q ○ ~p ○ ∴ q ○ An argument is a substitutioninstance of a form if youcan get fromthe form to the argument just by replacingvariables with statements. Valid Argument Forms: 1. mod
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