MODR 1730 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Smoke Screen, Deductive Reasoning, Ad Hominem

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Definition - a problem which arises in certain arguments, which makes a deductive argument invalid and an inductive argument weak. The argument must follow a pattern of reasoning. There must be fundamentally wrong with that pattern of reasoning. Family of relevance - the premise or premises are not relevant to it or their conclusions. Force/threats - coercion of a physical, psychological (such as persuasion) or verbal nature to influence a person into accepting your conclusion. The threat or negative incentive is in place of where a reason, or premise, should be in the argument. There is no actual proof of reasoning provided for the conclusion, just a threat of some sort. The argument tries to prove its conclusion by issuing a threat. Other than the threat, there is no actual justification for the conclusion. I don"t think it would be wise to run a story about my son"s driving escapades.