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Lecture 17

MODR 1730 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Fallacy, Critical Thinking, Party Tonight

Modes Of Reasoning
Course Code
MODR 1730
Shawn Thompson

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Identifying and Diagramming Arguments II
Identifying unstated premises:
Kelly is a very strong student so she is almost certain to get an A in
critical thinking.
Premise: Kelly is a strong student
She is almost certain to get an A in Critical Thinking
Hidden Premise: Most very strong students usually get an A in
Critical thinking.
(“Fallacy of division”)
Marijuana is all-natural so it must be healthy for you.
Hidden: What is all-natural is healthy for you.
“Naturalist fallacy”
Marvis goes to church every Sunday You can de+nitely trust her.
Hidden: You can trust people that go to church regularly.
The Canadian government should limit is military activities to western
hemisphere because it doesn’t have the resources to cover the whole
Hidden: Any western government that doesn’t have adequate
resources to cover the whole world should limit its activities to the
western hemisphere.
John did not critizie Canadian military action in Afghanistan or against
ISIS. He must be pro-Canadian.
Diagramming Unstated Premises:
The argument:
You should stay way from that guy because he’s a troublemaker.
Breakdown: 1. You should stay away fro that guy (premise)
2.hes a troublemaker (conclusion)
Unstated: <troubling guys are bad>
The diagram: (they’re dependent)
Something new for identifying unstated premises: Identify four
dierent kinds of statements
Statement: expresses complete though and must be either be true or
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