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Lecture 3

MODR 1760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Hasty Generalization

Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1760
Hilary Davis

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22/09/2011 18:21:00
Appeal to Popularity, Common Belief or Common Practice
Appeal to Popularity
oWe are told to accept something because it is widely believed,
accepted or done
Appeal to Tradition
oAppeals to custom or tradition
oBecause we’ve done it a particular way for many years, we
must continue to do it this way
Variations: Appeal to Common Belief or Appeal to
Common Practice
Appeal to Group Membership or Patriotism (Mob Appeal)
oUses patriotism, repetition, sarcasm, innuendo, high-
mindedness to exploit our emotions
oExploits are need to belong to a group
oAssures us that the group is right, flattering the crowd or
appealing to their prejudice
oPresentation is theatrical, repetition is used
oMakes it difficult for us to disagree or express the opposite
oFor if we disagree we are excluded from the group
Appeal to Novelty or Change
oSaying something is old fashioned, so it must be wrong
Appeal to Dislike of Unusual or Uncommon Habits, Beliefs, etc.
oReject something because a lot of people do not like it
Appeal to Racial, Religious, or Social Prejudice
oRejecting someone or something for being apart of a group or
Appeal to Authority
Secondary way of getting evidence
Being asked to be convinced on someone’s word or authority
Appeals to our sense that others know better that we do
oCriteria for good arguments from Authority:
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