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Lecture 4

MODR 1760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Ad Hominem, Fallacy

Modes Of Reasoning
Course Code
MODR 1760
Hilary Davis

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9/29/2011 11:18:00 AM
Fallacies Continued:
Faulty Analogy
o Compare something unknown to something known
o Useful in an argument when things being compared are
o Analogies can be in explanations and are not indicative of an
Identify 2 elements being compared
Identify relevant dissimilarities (2 or 3)
Explain how those dissimilarities effect the
Example: A nuclear-power plant is infinitely
safer than eating, because 300 people
choke to death on food a year.
o Dangers of nuclear power plant vs.
dangers of eating
Nuclear power can effect an
extreme amount of people,
while eating can effect one
You can reverse choking, but for
nuclear power dangers you
o The conclusion that eating is more
dangerous than nuclear power is not
valid because the effect on people is
much different.
Straw Person
o Distortion or exaggeration of the original position
o Misrepresentation of the opponents position which is easily
knocked down (like straw)
o Also when defending a position you are not supposed to
o “Now my opponent believes…” “By my opponents view…”
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