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Lecture 6

MODR 1760 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Logical Form

Modes Of Reasoning
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MODR 1760
Cael D.Zorn

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MODR1760ABH Y17-18 Session 6 Oct 23 LPA Worksheets
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Highlight or underline or state the sentences and phrases that contain analogies in the
following passage on the slide:
It is wrong to download copyright protected movies from the Internet for free using
peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing using systems like BitTorrent. Movies are similar to other
public goods like bridges or roads. They cost a lot to create, but once they're around
many people can enjoy them at low cost. Just as the government supports bridges by
giving builders a concession to collect large tolls, even though your trip costs them a
minimal amount, so it supports movie production by granting a copyright which
enables the film maker and producer to collect from viewers. Downloading a copyright
protected movie for free from the Internet is like making a detour around the toll booth.
Even if you don't get a ticket, you've taken a free ride on someone else's investment.
Our Sages viewed paying tolls as a prime example of the citizen's duty to obey the law,
and emphasized the importance of avoiding even the appearance of evading this duty.
And while it is true that if everybody downloads copyright protected movies for free
from the internet, eventually the copyright may be impossible to defend, it's not ethical
to join the mob storming the artist's rights. This is comparable to the case where
everybody takes a shortcut through a private field until the shortcut is treaded into a
path. It may be true that staying away doesn't help the owner once the path is already
there, but we should be extra careful to avoid being among those who contribute to
commandeering his land in this way.
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