MODR 1770 Lecture Notes - Connotation

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7 Feb 2013

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MODR 1770B Note 14
Grading Criteria
Steps 1-3 = 5 marks
- Make sure to get the master conclusion in the argument that everything else
follows from
o We will have many mini-conclusions that turn into premises
Step 4 = 5 marks
Step 6 = 30 marks
Step 7 = 30 marks
3-page write-up = 15 marks
- The hand out provides us with the requirements for the final assignments
Presentation Requirements:
- For step 2 come up with 8 concepts for our presentation
- For step 3 there must be two conceptual questions
o If you bomb one, you will still get partial marks for the second one.
o We can do about five, but make sure that we get at least one correct
- For step 4:
o 3 premises, a hidden premise, and a major conclusion in argument
Select 3 strongest premises from the entire article that the
author provides for their master conclusion
Indicate where they come from (paragraph wise)
- For step 6:
o For our presentation do two concepts for question one
o Question 2 requires one concept
o Question 3 requires two concepts
o Question 4 requires one concept
- For Step 7:
o Question one: our articles has sections made up of paragraphs there
may be 4-5 paragraphs
Select one section, and break it down into premise one, two,
three, four, hidden premise, and conceptually problematic
question, and a minor conclusion.
o Question two: does the argument violate any criteria of a good
This is Relevancy, Sufficiency and Acceptability.
Apply this to a paragraph or passage
o Question three: are there any clear or serious fallacies: identify one
o Question four: can any arguments be made stronger? Select one
- These requirements for both presentation and assignment are related to our
final midterm requirements.
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