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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

CMUS 506: Music Terminology(1) Polyphony: music that is composed of 2 or more voice parts, each having individual melodic significance. Monophony: music consisting of a single melodic line, without additional parts or chordal accompaniment. Homophony : music consisting of a single melodic line supported by chords. Heterophony: a primitive type of polyphony in which 2 or more performers produce essentially the same melody with slight modifications in one part, mainly that of omission or addition of some notes. Pitch: a term referring to the high-low quality of a musical sound. Timbre/Tone colour: the peculiar quality of a tone as sounded by a given instrument or voice. It indicates the difference between 2 tones of the same pitch, duration and intensity if performed on, eg. A violin and a flute. Scale: A succession of notes, normally either a whole tone or a half tone apart, arranged in ascending or descending order. Pentatonic scale : A scale consisting of 5 different tones. Tone: the basic building material of music. It has 4 distinct properties: pitch, duration, intensity, and timbre. Glissando
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