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York University
MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

JUNE 9th "All Along The Watchtower" Dylan(1967) Hendrix (cover) (1968) Inspired by the Old Testament Isaiah CHI v5-9. The Fall of Babylon. The joker and the thief. The Joker(jester) was often consulted in the Kings court but yet remained without status. Matthew Ch30 (36?) 10. A man's enemy shall be... Traitor in your own household. A friend will betray you. The thing that we get out of art rock Heavy Metal General Musical Traits 1. Blues Expressive Gestures Voice Masking (Distortion/Crunch) Riff Patterns Lead Guitar Patterns Power Chord (Variant Boogie pattern: two-note interval) two notes that forms a perfect fifth. Can be moved around. 2. Instrumental Mastery (Virtuoso) Extended Solos/Improvisation (Jazz Influence) Technology (Signal Processors: Chorus/Delay/Distortion) Wall of Sound 3. Disregard for pop song temporal limits Episodic Forms non-TPA technical forms. Group Cohesion/Rhythm Section (Bass/Drums) in foreground Tempo Changes (slow/fast) Metrical Changes "21st Century Schizoid Man" King Crimson (1969) Robert Fripp, lead of King Crimson, they were throwing everything into the mix. In Hungarian Folk Music, Fripp was inspired by the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. Fripp used time changes and metrical patterns from Bartok. Rollin' And Tumble Blues same chord progression in Metallica's "Hit The Lights". Introduction is similar to Hendrix which is like that of Gospel. Blues Riff pattern. Verses follow a 12 bar blues pattern. Variation of tempos. 384 bpm. Additive rhythm something that is based as 3+3+3+1. FILM The Merchants of Cool Focus Group. On a summer afternoon in a loft...corporate America is on a mission. These fives boys are being questioned on what they eat, watch, and listen to. They’re being paid. The market researcher is asking questions that could be worth a lot of money. 100 billion dollars and 50 billion spent by parents on stuff they want. Keep the teens out of trouble and at home. Guilt money the parents give to their children. A world made of marketing. Marketing messages are every where, teens cannot escape them, many young people are exposed to entertainment and media; competition of brands. Brand loyalty; companies want to know what teens want. Nobody admits to following the trends. Teens are a stubborn demographic. Cool is what they respond to but cool constantly changes; cool hunting;
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