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Lecture 12

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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) (b. 1942)  Leading edge of baby boomers  Harmonic Extensions (The Four Freshmen: Our Love is Here to Stay)  Multiple voice techniques  Innovative instrument combinations  Additive arranging techniques  Would edge up looking like terraces – up, then falls, up, then falls Beach Boys: “Surfin’ USA” : “Sloop John B.” Oblique motion: one note stays stationary the other goes up Similar motion: both notes going up the scale Parallel motion: both notes going up at the same rate Contrary motion: one note going up and one note going down Sloop John B. First recorded by Cleveland Simmons (Jamaican Folk Song) recorded in 1924 -Field recording “Sloop John B” Beach Boys (Brian Wilson, arranger) from Pet Sounds (1966) Part of the folk revival movement (Bob Dylan was also part of it) Limitations of folk music? Not so good for artistic expansion Strophic tune pattern, no form variation, no melody variation Brian Wilson would make each verse a different composition in and of itself Would also bring in different instruments that wouldn’t normally go together, and layers them in FOLK REVIVAL th Will be sending out a map of the folk revival – back to turn of the 2
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