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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 - June 1.doc

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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

June 1 Folk Revival “Ballad of Tom Dula (Tom Dooley)” Anonymous, ca. 1866 No details, no urgency, very vague (Dylan changed all this) “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” Bob Dylan, 1965 Lyrics Mr. Tambourine Man” Bob Dylan 1965 Covered by the Byrds (both Dylan’s and theirs first big hit) A combination of folk and rock (electric instruments and guitars) David Crosby and Jim McGuinn (guitar players) Formed folk duo in Californian in early 60s McGuinn bought an electric 12-string guitar (inspired by the Beatles) In 1965, Byrds signed with Pacific Jazz Records with Jim Dickson Brought in The Wrecking Crew (session musicians) Worked with Phil Spector Beach Boys “Don’t Worry Baby” Featured the Bianon Rhythm – usually in girl groups “Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan, 1965 A song about revenge after being jilted by a lover British Invasion (ca. 1964) Social Context: • War-Time Culture (rations, high unemployment, conscription to keep young men off streets) • BBC1 and BBC 2 o Rock and roll raging in the US o Not heard on the radio at ALL  1: classical music and news  2: light classical music and news • US Armed Forces Radio o Stationed in Europe and brought their own radio stations o Played music for all soldiers, southern white country music, mainstream pop, blues, jazz • Touring US Acts • Aficionados (Record Collectors/Club Owners) o Had to be mail-ordered from US for British listeners o Played at clubs where young people could listen to them 1 June 1 o Started having open-stage jam sessions  In West London, Ealing Club run by a collector/musician Alexis Korner  The Rolling Stones, Jess Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Paige all came out of his stage and jam sessions British Invasion: • Skiffle – original DIY music o Very simple – kids couldn’t afford/find expensive instruments o Lonnie Donnegan – originated out of a Jazz background; brought the rhythm section with him  bass, drums, guitar o American Folk Music was then performed with a rhythm section • Liverpool and London o London: Largely blues-oriented bands o Liverpool: largely pop-oriented band – targeting for success o Making a living in something other than working at dockyards or lime pits as miners Beatles Early Period: 1956 Started out as The Quarrymen (skiffle group) 1959 Lennon/McCartney song-writing t
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