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Lecture 14

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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

The Beatles: Became creatures of the studio No more tours after the disastrous one in 1966 “Love Me Do” Beatles 1962-1965 – early styles Beatles Early Period Songwriting Style  Tin Pan Alley Conventions o IDEAS FROM “ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS” o POP TUNES  Hooks at the beginning o What sticks in your head (George and his titles)  Basic Instrumental Setup (guitars, bass, drums – piano, harmonica) o Writing with a formula o Each song had a distinct sound Songs Inspired By:  Calypso tune – I’m in love with her and I feel fine (Baby says) o Latin-based sound  Beach Boys o 4 part vocal harmony  Classical string o String group – no percussion (All the lonely people)  Romance Ballad o Slow dance song  Folk o Added the citar – Indian instrument (Paul Shankar) teaching in UCLA and Crosby called George Harrison, and he started to learn how to play it o First stirrings of world music  Motown o 4 beats, tambourine on the beats, don’t hear guitar until way into the piece  Generic Stylists (Rock +) Cover Versions 1962 – Love Me Do 1966 – Tomorrow Never Knows o Wall of sound (Phil Spector – same time River Deep Mountain High) o Psychedelic-sound o Beginning to experiment with new instruments (e.g. Citar)  EMI (recording company): give us a radio-friendly songs, but do whatever you want What inspired these vocals? Bob Dylan!  Also interested in new religious experience (Lennon was reading the Book of the Dead)  Not a single sound coming out in a chronological fashion o All instrumental sounds are the results of tape loops (remember: Les Paul) o Forward, backwards, speed up – the bird sounds are the result of playing glass rims with water in them to get specific tunes, and electric guitar  dubbed onto tape loop, forwarded to triple speed backwards  1948, Paris  Other composers were experimenting with tape loops – called ‘musique concret’ – compliments of George Martin (producer)  Bass and drums are very forward – previously, they had been shoved to the back o How? o Drums kit on the mikes placed in front of or next to instruments previously o Put the mike INSIDE the drums along with sweaters to deaden the sound o Same with the bass, the feed went straight into the console instead of the amp o Beginning of techniques used in hard rock and heavy metal!  Call and response between guitar and crazy bird sound during the instrumental section  Lennon wanted a swirling effect to sound like the Dalai Lama – swung around on rope with mike – instead used technique developed by Geoffe Emmerick (sound tech) – I can do it electronically  artificial double-tracking (ADT) o As recording signal onto track, the ADT records the same signal a split second behind o Can layer it quite easily o Beatles called it the Phaseshifter – known as Chorus Pedal with guitars  What happened to the Tin Pan Alley conventions here?  We know about it, but forget it – based on one chord sequence, on-going sequence of verses (almost like folk music – recurring melody)  8 bar forms “I Am The Walrus” 1967  Supposed to be on Sgt. Pepper, but was pushed over onto The Magical Mystery Tour  Check out the lyrics o Never recorded when they were high or not focussed o But what they did on their own time, who knows  Lennon and company were hounded about this song – said it “was about nothing”  How can we connect this to Dylan? Internal rhymes (not at the end of the line), USING ALLITERATION (in Britain, there was a style of poetry called “sound poetry”) o Not concerned with the meaning of the word so much as the sound of it o Alliteration is a way of getting into those sounds  Personal pronouns? See first 2 lines, got that all out of way o Take Tin Pan Alley conventions and twisting and playing with them to experiment and create something new  During this time, Lennon was writing about his lost childhood (his mother) and about the fact he didn’t really GET a childhood o Tries to recreate and see the world as a child would o A child world of wonder  Syrup-ey string sounds? Bollywood shows  The chorus is short and has one person singing (with the exception of the cheer) – normally multiple people come in to sing a long block  Not much a melody – pretty monotone – Dylan feature o Inspired partly by the sound of a ambulance siren  Around the same time, there was an art movement going on o Sound poetry, beat literacy, Andy Warhol  Beginning of progressive/album-based rock started with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper o The 2 top selling records during the 1960s? Westside Story and The Sound of Music *********** o Rock and Roll didn’t become mainstream until after the 1960s – still viewed as a alternate culture  Went into studio January 1967  Didn’t emerge for 6 months o At that time, you didn’t spend 6 months on an album – too much money  Everyone thought they had disbanded  Cost $160 000 to make – today, that would be millions of dollars o Unheard of at that time  The
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