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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 14 Adult Contemporary: a categorization of popular music genres, deriving from a radio programming format that emerged in the 1980s; music in this category tends to be mainstream in nature, with smooth timbres; highly sophisticated production; and performed by well-known artists (p. 420) Alternative Music: genres of music that fall under broader categorization in the music industry, but maintain a split from their mainstream counterparts; this split may be in the method of production, the sound, the combining of multiple influences, or the small regional areas of its production and consumption. Examples include alternative rock, alternative country, alternative folk, etc. (p. 440) Techno: A form of 20th-century club dance music. As its name suggests, it is mostly electronic and at its genesis was a mix of Chicago house music, funk, early hip hop and electro (p. 422; 438) Gangsta Rap: A style of rap whose texts emphasize the violence of street life; rappers exploit the imagery of gang warfare in order to ‘dis’ (disrespect) other competing groups eg. Ice-T, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg (p. 429) Rave: A sub-genre of dance music in the UK from the early 1990s, derived from acid house. It consists of simplistic, anthem-like electronic melodies over very high tempo, electronic techno backing. Like acid house, it was dance music initially for illegal rave parties, often held in secret locations such as warehouses or fields (p. 438) House Music: A style of 20th-century club dance music; evolved from disco; features a repetitive 4/4 rhythm track from a drum machine, built around a relentless bass drum on
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