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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 13 Pirating: the practice of illegally copying and distributing commercial recordings by consumers with tape decks (or, presently, by burning CDs); the term also applies to radio stations broadcasting illegally, generally to a relatively small geographical area (p. 382) Digital Sound Recording: Drum Machine: An electronic instrument that synthesizes percussion sounds or stores and reproduces the sounds of percussion instruments; it is either played on controllers resembling conventional percussion instruments but equipped with a pickup or other sensor, or operated by an electronic drum machine or rhythm machine (p. 383) Sequencer: An electronic device that creates automated repeatable sequences of sound. The sequencer was pioneered in the analogue synthesizers; its automated functioning lends itself to digital and computerized control (p. 383) MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): A hardware and software standard established in 1983 for the communication of musical data between devices such as synthesizers, drum machines and computers; the information exchanged may include notes, program changes, volumes and other elements (p. 383) Analog Recording: a method of recording which
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