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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

CHAPTER THREE: ASCAP: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Founded in 1914, this association collected royalty payments from businesses that use music publicly. (45) Bar: a small grouping of beats. AKA a “measure” Bass: the lowest notes of a composition, or the instruments that play them in an ensemble. (54) “Freak” Dances: choreographed dances to ragtime music. Often named after animals and associated with supposed black dance styles. Eg) the Grizzly Bear Front Line: a small group of instruments that play the melody and countermelody lines in an ensemble. Often includes wind and brass instruments like trumpet, clarinet, and trombone. (53) Jazz Singer (the): the first movie to incorporate sound. Stars Al Jolson, a white vaudeville performer. Jolson’s character is a Jewish cantor’s son who sings jazz in blackface. (45) Melody: A string of successive notes which together form a musical idea. The primary musical focus of most songs. AKA the “tune.” Offbeats: rhythmic points between the main beats of a bar. Eg) |1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | Polyphonic: multiple distinctive melodic lines played simultaneously. AKA counterpoint. (54) Rhythm section: In a cabaret dance band, the “back up” section, including piano, banjo or guitar, drums and sometimes tuba or string bass. (46) Scale: A succession of notes in ascending and descending order. An indication of the notes used in a composition. Eg. major scale or minor scale. Tailgate: technique of sliding from one pitch to the next. AKA portamento. Tango: A dance that blends elements of European ballroom, Cuban habanera,
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