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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

CHAPTER SEVEN: Bel canto – “beautiful singing”; Classical vocal technique that produces clarity of the voice, and promotes a resonant, open timbre, and the elongation of single vowel sounds; Frank Sinatra claimed to have used this as the basis of his singing (p.159) Blues crooner – a type of intimate and gentle blues singer, spurred by the development of singing technique that relied upon the use of a microphone; contrasts with the rough- edged rural style (p.173); also Cocktail blues (p.174); Chicago electric blues (p. 175) Coda – “tail” – concluding (often very short) section of a piece. (p.161) Countrypolitan –country music geared to an urban audience (p. 185) Cover –a recreation of a previously existing song. This is often done when an artist/recording company releases its own version of with the intention of cashing in on its commercial potential, but may also be argued to act as a form of homage. (p. 170) Doo-wop – vocal harmony groups of post WW II period Rhythm and Blues (p.177) Jump blues; jump bands –a scaled down version of the swing band;
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