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MUSI 1530
Rebecca Jubis

CHAPTER EIGHT: A Cappella – Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. (p.203) Concept Album – album in which songs pertain to a common theme or topic and are organized in a methodical manner. (p. 222, 265) Double-tracking – recording lines of music which are nearly identical over top of each other. (p.228) Reverb – electronic attempt at creating the “slapback” technique of Elvis Presley’s early recordings. (p. 223) Rock ‘n’ Roll – term found dating to the late 1920s race records; initially had sexual connotations but came to refer to a type of music geared to a young, teenage market in the 1950s. (p.1970 Scat – Improvised singing of vocables; “nonsense” syllables sung particularly in jazz. Eg “Zoo bee doo bee doo” (p.204) Strophic Ballad – a vocal piece that tells a narrative story through verses with a recurring chorus. The melody for each verse remains the same while the lyrics change. (p. 225) Subdominant – the 4 note of a scale; ie) when C is the tonic (1 note of the scale), F is the subdominant. (p. 206) st Tonic – the “home” (1 )
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